Farm to Table

As an artisan food restaurant, we have an impressive polytunnel on site that allows us to grow an incredible range of produce that would otherwise struggle in Ireland’s moist temperate climate, such as tomatoes, french beans, salad greens, chillis, and sweet peppers. The tunnel allows us to extend the growing season and has the added advantage of allowing our gardeners to work, whatever the weather!

Head Chef Paul Stewart works closely with our gardener, in selecting the varieties of crops that are sown and enjoys experimenting with some of the more unusual crops like Oriental mizuna, Swiss chard, Kohl Rabi, and edible flowers such as borage and nasturtium.

Local and Sustainable

As well as our produce being as local and sustainable as possible, an added advantage for our customers is that they can see for themselves where our work in the garden translates to the restaurant’s menu.

Customers are encouraged to take a walk through our gardens with over 50 perennial fruit bushes and raised herb beds, cross the footbridge over the river Loe and wander down the path that leads to our polytunnel. Depending on the time of year you will come across the various processes involved in making our small corner of the Gap so productive!

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